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Oak Forest Farm

Cultured Guernsey Butter - A2A2 Milk - 1 Pint - Salted

Cultured Guernsey Butter - A2A2 Milk - 1 Pint - Salted

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We are able to offer dairy products product from a partnership with local Amish Farmers.  They strive, just as we do, to produce fresh from the farm, pesticide free, insecticide free, fungicide free, herbicide free, antibiotic free, irradiation free, GMO free, grass-fed fresh raw dairy, and no grain is ever give to the cows.  This butter is lightly salted and churned using cultured milk.

***Please note we have to pickup the fresh dairy weekly on Sunday and we place the order with the Amish on Friday. If you order after Thursday, the delivery will have to come the following Wednesday. If you want to have consistent dairy delivery it is best to subscribe to weekly delivery so we can make sure your fresh dairy is ready for you!

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