1. Q: Are your eggs organic?

A: Our feed is 100% organic certified, and we raise our chickens to higher than organic standards.

2. Q: When do you deliver?

A: Delivery is every Wednesday Morning, usually before 10am.

3. Q: How do I get other items delivered with my weekly egg subscription?

A: Any additional items you purchase through the website will automatically be added to your egg delivery.

 4. Q: What if there is a problem with one of the products?

A: We 100% stand behind our products. If there is any issue, contact us for a full refund.

 5. Q: How do I skip a week or more of delivery? 

A: In your confirmation email, there is a link that says "manage subscription". This will allow you to skip deliveries. 

6. Q: Why soy free chicken feed?

A: Our chickens are never fed soy. Soy is high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids. In addition to this, soy and soybean oil are in many other foods Americans are already eating and variety may add vitamins and minerals that we don't encounter as frequently. 

7. Q: What do you feed your chickens?

A: In the interest of theirs and our health, we use our own proprietary blend of whole 100% organic local NY state grown peas, barley, oats and alfalfa plus Maine seaweed for trace minerals. 

7. Q: Is your produce organic?

A: All of our produce is grown to higher than organic specifications; no spray, grown in our own organic compost. 

8. Q: What is the difference between the white, brown, blue and green eggs?

A: The only difference is the shell color, which is determined by the breed. We like having a mixed flock to make extra beautiful eggs, but there is no difference in flavor or nutrition. 

9. Q: Why woodland birds instead of pastured birds?

A: When you see our flock roosting in the trees the answer is clear: chickens are woodland birds, not pasture birds. We believe in raising animals in their natural habitat. It's also worth noting that in our part of New York, we don't have much flat pasture, so to keep things small scale and local, it's woodland or bust.

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