Your local source for the highest quality farm products

We are a family farm making the most nutritious and tasty foods for our community

Fresh Eggs

The eggs from our free range heritage hens. Our hens are different... 

Forest Chickens

Our farm is raising chickens and turkeys on 10 acres. We also grow assorted seasonal produce, as well as mushrooms in the woods.

Welcome to our online store. We are a delivery only farm, every Wednesday. Anyone can order within a 25 mile radius of the farm. We service most of Westchester, Litchfield, and Farifield Counties. Just place your order through the website, and we will drop everything off Wednesday morning on your doorstep.

  • The Best Eggs

    Our eggs have rich colored yolks, superior nutrition, and amazing flavor. The difference is from our organic corn and soy-free feed as well as giving our hens constant access to the wild oak forest.

  • No Spray

    All of our produce is made 100% spray free. We grow everything as naturally as possible, with even higher standards than Organic.

  • Heritage Breeds

    We don't carry just one type of hen. Our flock is a mixture of slow growing heritage breeds that produce more nutritious and more flavorful eggs, while living their best lives in the woods.

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